Legiti is easy to
implement and use

customized direct-support simple-interface

We use artificial intelligence to analyze, in less than 3 seconds, more than 4,000 characteristics of each transaction in your digital commerce. We protect you against fraud so you can focus on selling.

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Do you know that the anti fraud solution can leverage your profits?

Just as retailers who don’t use anti fraud technology end up compromising their income due to fraud losses, a bad anti fraud system can block legitimate transactions and hurt your bottom line. Legiti is an end-to-end partner in maximizing and retaining your income.



You can trust Optimus

Meet Optimus, our robot who works and learns 24 hours a day optimizing each client’s model. Optimus is capable of analyzing thousands of transaction characteristics in seconds, such as price, card type, delivery method, registration data, IP, browser, and users’ behavior.

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