100% automated
and data based

Our data-centric platform’s operation doesn’t depend on manual analysis or inconvenient calls to clients. Transactional data points are instantaneously analyzed, leveraging characteristics such as purchase price and delivery method; registration data, such as e-mail address and CPF (Individual Tax Payer Registration Number); session data, such as device fingerprints, IP address VPN, browser, and operating system signatures, as well as dynamic data like time on page and clicks, and much more.

Accurate and
immediate decisions

Modern e-commerce does not have the time for manual analysis. With same-day delivery nearly ubiquitous – and many products arriving in less than 15 minutes – there is no room left for slow and inaccurate decisions.

Our technology allows for analysis immediately at the time purchase, when you and your customer need it most.

Customized and dynamic model

We partner deeply with our clients, diving deeply into their business model and tuning risk policies in order to deliver a truly customized solution that evolves and improves as our partnership advances.

is zero.

We have never lost a single client. See why.


Decrease in chargebacks

Our solution reduces the number of contested purchases for your business, ensuring that once you make the sale, you keep it.


Increase in sales conversion

We avoid false positives to maximize your revenue


Reduction in friction with clients

Fast and accurate decisions reduce friction in the buyers’ experience with your site or app


Optimization of response time

We reduce decision response time from hours to seconds compared to manual analysis

Meet Optimus, our robot

Optimus, our data robot scientist, is a very important member of our team here at Legiti.

He is an artificial intelligence tool that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, constantly learning and improving our clients’ results while making our model more sophisticated and accurate. He analyzes thousands of transaction characteristics in seconds, such as price, card type, delivery method, registration data, IP address, browser and even users’ behavior.

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